As CFO at ScandFibre Logistics, you get a role with great opportunities to influence the company and its development going forward. You lead the finance function, which today consists of an accountant, economist and controller. As a CFO, you are an important part of the company’s management team.  more (in Swedish)


VP/chef Rail Logistics (RLS)

As responsible for RLS, you are responsible for the company’s future business development and project operations in railway logistics.
You are a member of the company’s management team and have frequent contacts within the industry and with our owners. Lead the department’s work, which consists of about 5 people. Contribute to making ScandFibre Logistics an industry leader in railway logistics. Be a project manager for our largest projects. Contribute to ScandFibre being perceived as a professional company in all areas, including leadership and environmental friendliness.  more (in Swedish)


Safety manager – freight transport by rail

As safety manager at ScandFibre Logistics AB, you are a driving force in developing safe transport solutions for our freight traffic by rail.  more (in Swedish)