ScandFibre Logistics AB was founded in 1999 as an initiative from a number of Swedish forest product companies. The purpose was to improve and combine transports from Sweden to Continental Europe. Historically three agreements have been made between ScandFibre and the main users in five year periods.

1) Rail99 (1999-2005) ScandFibre coordinated rail transport from five paper mills. Headquarters located in Solna, Stockholm.

2) Rail99/Rail 07 (2006-2010) Seven paper mills took part in the partnership. An operations center for traffic control was opened in Hallsberg.

3) Rail11 (2011-2016) ScandFibre is now coordinating rail transport from 10 paper mills. The Headquarters moves to Örebro.

4) Rail17 (2016- ongoing) ScandFibre has developed and launched a further enhanced rail system for transports of 2 million tonnes of paper per year. New owner is BillerudKorsnäs and partly new users. Reload sales more than 50%.